The Buddy Bench is a meeting place for friends at play time

Charles Conder Primary School is an inclusive school catering for a wide range of students. Conder’s philosophy is to provide each student with the opportunity to succeed in learning and to reach their own individual potential.

At Charles Conder we have a Junior learning support unit (L.S.U) which provides the opportunity for children with learning difficulties and additional needs to grow and function independently in a small group setting. This class provides an enriching program which is built on equality, opportunity, acceptance, tolerance and inclusivity. There is a strong emphasis on confidence, self-esteem, social and life skills, self-worth and belonging.

Each student is catered for through an Individual Learning Plan which aims to target the students' academic, social, emotional and physical needs. These targets are assessed regularly and revised to meet the student's growth and development. Each student within the classroom setting is given the opportunity through varied teaching approaches, styles and programs to reach their goals, being academic or behavioural whilst engaging in a classroom setting.

Students with additional needs are catered for through an inclusive approach within a mainstream classroom environment.  These specific programs are Inclusion Support and further learning Support. The classroom teachers are assisted by Learning Support Assistants (LSAs) who work alongside the teacher to support students with curriculum related tasks within mainstream settings.The support is either on a one on one basis with a specific student or in small groups.Students can also have small group sessions away from their class to focus on key ILP goals.

Students in years K - 3 have Early Literacy and Numeracy Intervention groups that are support by the Executive Teachers regularly each week.

The school has a multidisciplinary team (SWAN) team that meets regularly to provide support and strategic direction on student resources to ensure all children are achieving their potential.