Social Media and Seesaw

Communication and Seesaw App

It is imperative in the 21st Century for schools to enable a variety for mediums for communication. Everyday you will see teachers and Executive staff meeting and greeting students and families at the drop off and pick up times. We value this connection and foster these links each day. We also understand that parents lead busy lives and require other methods to connect such as; phone calls, emails and through the School Seesaw App.

Our school seesaw app is available on both the Apple and Android networks for you to download and start using. The app gives you instant access to the following information:

Since 2018 all student learning goals and place mats are shared on Seesaw and support the learning at home.

Download it to your smartphone by going to either the Apple App Store or Android Google Play Market and search for our school name. One you have found it press install or download.


Our school Facebook Page Charles Conder Primary School’ is updated regularly by teachers from all areas of the school. Teachers upload pictures of the learning that is taking place in the classrooms as well as any other special events happening within the school.

The Facebook page is also used to post general information such as note reminders and event details.