The school Newsletter is published on odd weeks (fortnightly) throughout the term. A hard copy of the Newsletter is distributed to the eldest child in the family at the beginning of the odd weeks or can be sent electronically by email if preferred. It is also available through the website home page.

Term 1 2018

Tm1Wk9Newsletter (PDF 7.4 MB)

Tm1Wk6Newsletter (PDF 5.3 MB)

Tm1Wk3Newsletter (PDF 8.1 MB)

Tm1Wk1Newsletter (PDF 1.2 MB)

Term 4 2017

Tm4Wk10Newsletter (PDF 4.6 MB)

Tm4Wk8 Newsletter (PDF 5.5 MB)

TM4WK6Newsletter (PDF 3.1 MB)

Tm4Wk4Newsletter (PDF 4.3 MB)

Tm4Wk1Newsletter (PDF 9.0 MB)

Term 3 2017

Tm3Wk10Kindergarten News (PDF 741.8 KB)

Tm3Wk10 Whatley News (PDF 840.5 KB)

Tm3Wk10 Morimoto News (PDF 711.3 KB)

Tm3Wk10 Tanner News (PDF 790.9 KB)

Tm3Wk10Newsletter (PDF 7.2 MB)

Tm3Wk6Kindergarten Newsletter (PDF 576.3 KB)

Tm3Wk6Whatley Newsletter (PDF 1.3 MB)

Tm3Wk6Tanner Newsletter (PDF 589.3 KB)

Tm3Wk6 Morimoto Newsletter (PDF 620.7 KB)

Tm3Wk6 Newsletter (PDF 4.9 MB)

Tm3Wk4Principals Newsletter (PDF 1.6 MB)

Tm3Wk4Morimoto Newsletter (PDF 863.2 KB)

Tm3Wk4 Tanner Newsletter (PDF 679.2 KB)

Tm3Wk4Whatley Newsletter (PDF 773.8 KB)

Tm3Wk4Kindergarten Newsletter (PDF 660.2 KB)

Tm 3 Wk 2 Principals Newsletter (PDF 2.7 MB)

Tm 3 Wk 2 Morimoto Newsletter (PDF 514.0 KB)

Tm3 Wk2 Tanner Newsletter (PDF 527.6 KB)

Tm 3 Wk2 Whatley Newsletter (PDF 504.9 KB)

T3 Wk2 Kindergarten Newsletter (PDF 523.9 KB)

Tm3 Wk2 Preschool Newsletter (PDF 621.5 KB)

Term 2 2017

Tm2Wk10Whatley Newsletter (PDF 701.4 KB)

Tm2Wk10Tanner Newsletter (PDF 779.3 KB)

tm2wk10Morimoto newsletter (PDF 611.5 KB)

Tm2Wk10Preschool newsletter (PDF 823.9 KB)

Tm2Wk10 Principal's newsletter (PDF 1.6 MB)

Tm2Wk8Tanner Newsletter (PDF 844.6 KB)

Tm2Wk8Morimoto Newsletter (PDF 602.2 KB)

Tm2Wk8Whatley newsletter (PDF 758.0 KB)

Tm2Wk8Kindergarten Newsletter (PDF 682.3 KB)

Tm2Wk8PreschoolNewsletter (PDF 718.8 KB)

Tm2Wk6Morimoto newsletter (PDF 606.6 KB)

tm2wk6Tannernewsletter (PDF 251.0 KB)

Tm2Wk6Principal's Newsletter (PDF 1.2 MB)

Tm2wk6 Graham newsletter (PDF 834.2 KB)

Tm2Wk6Preschool Newsletter (PDF 830.5 KB)

Tm2Wk4NewlstterMorimoto (PDF 562.6 KB)

Tm2Wk4Newsletter Graham (PDF 588.5 KB)

Tm2Wk4newsletterWhatley (PDF 1.4 MB)

Term 1 2017

Tm1Wk10 Kindergarten Newsletter (PDF 748.2 KB)

Tm1Wk10 Whatley Newsletter (PDF 3.2 MB)

Tm1Wk10 Morimoto Newsletter (PDF 3.1 MB)

Tm1Wk10Tanner Newsletter (PDF 3.2 MB)

Tm1Wk10 Preschool Newsletter (PDF 2.3 MB)

Tm1Wk10 Preschool Newsletter (PDF 3.2 MB)

Tm 1 Wk8 Morimoto Newsletter (PDF 427.1 KB)

Tm1 Wk8 Tanner Newsletter (PDF 878.0 KB)

Tm1 Wk8 Whatley Newsletter (PDF 963.6 KB)

Tm1,Wk8 Kindergarten Newsletter (PDF 696.4 KB)

Tm1Wk8 Preschool Newsletter (PDF 673.1 KB)

Graham Newsletter Week 6 (PDF 571.1 KB)

Morimoto Week 6 Newsletter (PDF 477.6 KB)

Tanner Week 6 Newsletter (PDF 467.1 KB)

Whatley Week 6 Newsletter (PDF 580.3 KB)

Whatley Newsletter Tm1 Wk4 (PDF 257.3 KB)

Wk1Tm1 Newsletter (PDF 650.4 KB)