For Parents


Parental Involvement at Charles Conder Primary School

Communication Between Home and School
At Charles Conder we encourage communication between parents and teachers. This can be done either through formal interviews or assisting in classroom and extra-curricular activities such as sporting and community events. Appointments can be made at any time throughout the year to speak with teachers.
Please advise the school of any changes to be made to the medical information form and when moving or changing telephone numbers.
Absence  from  School:  Duty of care requires all student absences to be explained in writing on return to school.

Parents in the Classroom
Many of the classes in the younger years have parent helpers in classes on a regular basis. Parents help with tasks such as reading with children, changing home readers and helping with resource making and preparation. 

Parents and Citizens Association (P&C)
The P&C aims to promote the interests and objectives of the school by bringing parents, teachers and interested community members together.  P&C funds support the school’s educational programs.  The P&C meets monthly.

Book Packs
Each year parents are asked to provide a book pack for their child. This is a pack of necessary equipment such as books, scissors, glue and pencils. Parents are asked to pre-order Book Packs for their children so that they are ready at the beginning of the school year for classroom use.  Details of Book Packs and their costs are available from the front office.

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